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Harmon Caldwell

“My goal in every case is to obtain the best possible result for the client.”

Harmon Caldwell has practiced divorce and family law in Atlanta for 41 years. He has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in Georgia. He has handled over a thousand contested divorce cases, he has tried over a hundred and fifty jury cases in communities throughout the state, and he has been involved in more than 70 cases in the Georgia appellate courts.

11 Aug

This is part one of a two-part series on the increase of the divorce rate for people over 50. Part two will discuss how divorcing at an older age is different and what you need to know before heading into

30 Jun

I once saw an Alimony Support Calculator online, much like a mortgage calculator. For those you can plug in length of mortgage, interest rate, and amount borrowed and come up with your monthly payment. This alimony calculator asked you to

05 Jun

A recent study done by of 1,000 couples claimed that one secret to a happy marriage is kissing your partner and saying, “I love you” ten times a week. I agree that’s a nice thing to do, although I

15 May

No matter how amicable it may be, divorce is still a tough process for anyone. If you have a friend going through a divorce, you want to comfort them during a difficult time. Although they may be well meaning, many

08 May

Similar to when you turn to WebMD to learn what may be ailing your body only to be terrified by your self-diagnosis, reading flashy headlines and exaggerated statistics isn’t helpful to your divorce process. By becoming more educated on what the