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Harmon Caldwell

“My goal in every case is to obtain the best possible result for the client.”

Harmon Caldwell has practiced divorce and family law in Atlanta for 41 years. He has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in Georgia. He has handled over a thousand contested divorce cases, he has tried over a hundred and fifty jury cases in communities throughout the state, and he has been involved in more than 70 cases in the Georgia appellate courts.

28 Jul

In pop culture, prenuptial agreements generally have a negative reputation and are most commonly associated with wealthy men or celebrities. However, in reality, prenups safeguard your wealth in the event of a divorce. I recommend everyone with significant assets consider

21 Jul

In almost every divorce, a court will order the parties to attend meditation at some point. This is always a good thing, and as in every step of the divorce process, it’s helpful to understand the pros and cons of