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Harmon Caldwell

“My goal in every case is to obtain the best possible result for the client.”

Harmon Caldwell has practiced divorce and family law in Atlanta for 41 years. He has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in Georgia. He has handled over a thousand contested divorce cases, he has tried over a hundred and fifty jury cases in communities throughout the state, and he has been involved in more than 70 cases in the Georgia appellate courts.

28 Apr

I’ve had to break the bad news to clients too many times. Money they had inherited that they thought would automatically stay with them was going to be split with their former spouse. This was often tough news to take.

24 Apr

To be granted a divorce, a person must specify the circumstances of why they are seeking a divorce. As divorce laws are dictated by individual states, grounds for divorce also differ from state to state. Citing grounds for divorce is

21 Apr

I often talk to young people in college who ask me for career advice. They know they want to go to law school after they graduate and ask about classes they should take and in what curriculum they should major.

17 Apr

Debt is commonly cited as one of the top reasons why couples get divorced, and it certainly can be a major source of dissension during separation. To many people’s dismay, when your marriage ends your responsibility for your spouse’s debt

14 Apr

Social media has changed the world of relationships, with apps for finding dates, text messages for flirting and Facebook for posting photos of you and your loved one and making your relationship official in cyberspace. Well, now it seems Facebook