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Harmon Caldwell

“My goal in every case is to obtain the best possible result for the client.”

Harmon Caldwell has practiced divorce and family law in Atlanta for 41 years. He has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in Georgia. He has handled over a thousand contested divorce cases, he has tried over a hundred and fifty jury cases in communities throughout the state, and he has been involved in more than 70 cases in the Georgia appellate courts.

10 Feb

When people come to me for advice about a divorce, they are often and understandably in a difficult emotional state. And we all know that when emotions are running high, it’s tough to absorb information, no matter how badly we

06 Feb

Since marriage and divorce law is left to each state’s government, rather than to the federal government, strange – and even unsettling – laws exist on the books regarding the joining of two people and the subsequent dissolution of a

03 Feb

As a family law attorney, a recent segment on The Today Show caught my attention. It was about questions you should ask yourself if you are considering getting divorced. The authors of “37 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My